News and updates


See the Data by Country page for a list of populations currently included in the HCD, with the range of years for which data are available.

Additions, updates, and changes to the Database are listed below in reverse chronological order:

Description of Update
 August 13, 2019Data were updated for Germany and Japan through 2016; for Czech Republic through 2017
 April 30, 2019Data were updated for Belarus through 2016
 January 14, 2019Data were updated for England and Wales, Czech Republic and Poland through 2016; for France, Germany and Japan through 2015
 March 2, 2017Cause-specific mortality data according to the full lists were published for England and Wales, Germany, Japan
 February 24, 2017Data were updated for Japan through 2013, for Moldova through 2014. Birth counts for Poland for the period 1959-1969 were published. Cause-specific mortality data according to the full lists were published for USA, France, Czech Republic
 February 15, 2017Data were updated for Poland through 2014
 January 26, 2017Data were updated for France through 2013, for Czech Republic through 2014. Data for Poland were prolonged back to 1959.
 March 29, 2016HCD launched: Data available on-line for 16 countries
 January 22, 2016First presntation of the database at MODICOD/DIMOCHA meeting